Steer Your Career

Learn the skills and strategies you need to plan your career move and execute your plan—from figuring out where to take your career to carrying out the day-to-day actions to make it happen.

The road to gaining control of your career direction starts here.

Set Your Sights

Meaningful career goals are tied to a larger picture. This workshop helps you gain clarity on your long-term vision so you can find the answers to those big questions that are often hard to answer: “Who do I want to be, Where do I want to go.” You’ll create a clear Big Picture map on which to anchor the rest of your career pivot plans.


Plot the Path

This workshop takes the Big Picture map you developed in the previous class and brings it closer to where you are today. (Note: You may skip Set Your Sights if you already have a good handle on your long-term vision.) You’ll create your Pivot Canvas, identify your short-term direction, and choose the optimum strategy to get you there. If you’re wondering where to take your career, this workshop helps you figure that out!


Brace the Base

You know what you want to do and you’re ready to get started. This workshop helps you take action with confidence, knowing you’ve built a solid foundation. You’ll identify and set up the support infrastructure that you will need to carry out your career pivot in today’s fast-changing world. You’ll learn the secrets to helping yourself to ease the load and creating a secure base as you get started.


Make it Happen

Reverse engineer your way to your career goals. Whether you’re about to start or you’re in the middle of your career pivot, if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by #allthethings you need to do, this workshop is for you. You’ll learn a goal-setting and planning process that prevents analysis paralysis and gets you out of the perpetual “getting ready mode”.


I’m now focused on the most important actions to move forward!

I had gone back and forth with my ideas many times before. Attending this workshop helped me gain clarity. I was able to paint a clear picture of what I really want to achieve and focus on actions that will get me there.

Shara Haberman, workshop participant

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