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Your step-by-step blueprint to get brave enough for the future you want.



Pause for a second and imagine the kind of life you’ll have if you had the career you actually enjoy working.


Today isn’t the first time you’ve thought about this, am I right? You’ve been wanting to make the jump to a better job or a better career. Maybe you’ve even made some tentative steps to make it happen.

But even though you really really want this better future, something has been holding you back.

Making a change — of any kind — can be overwhelming and anxiety-inducing.

You see, the moment that we want to stretch ourselves and do something different? That’s also the moment when all the fears and limiting beliefs we’ve got hidden away come rushing out and decide to have a party.

That’s the reason why so many people are stuck in jobs they no longer want.

If you feel like you’ve been hampered by doubts and all these other gremlin voices in the head, I’ve got good news for you.

With the right combination of strategies, tools, and support system, you can take control and not let your fears drive the bus.

You can get brave enough to go after that career and that future that you want.

Forget about making leaps. What you need is to get brave enough to take the first step. Then the next step after that.

The Brave Your Career framework focuses you on incremental action so you’re always moving forward and creating momentum.

I’ve been doing this work for years. And one thing I know for sure is that it doesn’t matter how much information you know.

If you also don’t have the (what my mentor calls) “intestinal fortitude” to take action, nothing’s going to happen.

Brave Your Career™ is the evolution of the framework that I’ve been using to help clients and students make the change they want in their careers and lives.

It combines the elements that give you information and tools with the structure to help you get brave enough to go after your goals.

Following this framework helps you clarify your long-term career vision, choose your optimum path, and develop the strategy and plans that will suit your priorities and goals best.

With Brave Your Career™, you get to develop the career strategy that’s right for you, take action with confidence while getting the support you need to keep going until you reach your goals!

Let’s explore the Brave Your Career™ Framework in detail so you know what’s happening in each section.


In this section, you’ll focus on foundation mindset that will allow you to usher in the changes that you want to see in your career. You’ll challenge some of your limiting beliefs so that they do not become impossible obstacles along the way.


In this section, you’ll allow yourself to expand your thinking and get crystal clear on your Big Picture. You’ll dive deep and incorporate the 5 components that make for a truly meaningful and resonant Big Picture that will fuel your career goals.


The objective of this section is to make your career goals as specific as possible. Using the Pivot Canvas™, you’ll explore possible avenues to your end goal. Then you’ll identify the clearest, most direct possible path to your career goals. In this section, you’ll also identify and differentiate between true needs and objections fueled by fear. If you happen to be unsure of your career goals or intentions, this section of the framework will help you gain clarity and help you make a decision on your desired path.


In this section, you’ll map out your support infrastructure — the different kinds of resources you’ll need to pursue your career goals.


Inside BYC, we follow the 90-day planning cycle. No annual planning here! In this section, you’ll create your 90-day projects and 30-day plan. You’ll use all the intel you’ve gathered from the previous section as inputs to your projects and plans.

Lou helped me design a clear career path based on my strength, passion and technical capabilities. I was really impressed with her in-depth understanding of the global workforce. The fact that she has so much experience as a professional makes her an excellent career advisor. — Shahar K.

But as you already know, having this information isn’t enough.


You also need the right infrastructure so you can feel encouraged, supported, and pushed to keep moving forward.  

Introducing: Brave Your Career™ and AndThriving, together at last!


For the first time ever, I’m teaching the Brave Your Career™ framework in a live workshop format inside the AndThriving system.

This is a unique edition that delivers the framework live as part of your year-long membership to AndThriving — your all-in-one professional network and system providing unlimited mentorship, support, and training.

Your annual membership to AndThriving provides you access to:

⭐️ Weekly Office Hours giving you unlimited mentoring sessions. Show up during office hours with your career-related questions or challenges, as often as you want.

⭐️ Quarterly Live Jam Intensives. In addition to Brave Your Career™, you’ll have access to three other intensive workshops in 2019: Figure Out What You Want, Rise Up, and Thrive.

⭐️ Mini-trainings and workshops. Between the live jam intensives, we’ll be hosting short workshops on specific topics that will help round up your career development.

As a BONUS for joining as a founding member, your AndThriving annual membership (should you wish to renew) will be locked at this price — forever and ever!









I had no idea what I wanted to do next in my career. In a world rife with uncertainty, I walked away from this class with a clearer sense of what I want. The Pivot Canvas gave me a formula that I can do over and over! — Ruby W.

Hiya. I’m Lou Blaser and I like calling myself a career pivot sherpa.

I guide my students and clients — most of whom are corporate folks — to find the smoothest, least painful (dare I say “painless”) path to creating the career and future they want.

I’ve been doing this work for decades. With over 20 years experience in strategy and change management, my body of work is focused on helping companies and individuals make the change they’re looking to see in their businesses and careers.

I believe in a world where we all have the ability to grow and thrive in our careers. This vision is behind my career and life choice. Helping create this world is the mission of Second Breaks.

And I would be so honored to be your sherpa!


I most appreciate Lou’s direct, ‘no sugar-coating’ advice with the sole purpose of helping me push myself and succeed in ways I never imagined for myself. Having Lou as a champion as I took a leap into a radically different phase in my professional career has meant the world to me. — Glori R.